Pintur S.A. services:


Support and advice from our technicians for any consultation, from products to material application systems. We give this service at our facilities, at site works and at our clients homes.

Short courses and novelty presentations

Training for professionals, decorators and painters about novelties in paint, coatings and other articles. We also do formation and updating courses about the application techniques of our different products.

Material distribution

Delivery of orders without charge at the desired address, at the previously agreed date and time.

Commercial dynamic

Continuous offers and various promotions which give additional incentives for the purchase of our products.

Rent and reparation of machinery and accessories

We have a wide range of machinery to satisfy the occasional needs to apply different products and we also offer the possibility of renting scaffolding and ladders according to your indications. Additionally, we offer our machinery reparation service, so work doesn't have to be stopped.

Colorimetry and spray filling

We have at our disposal, at every delegation, multiple tintonometric systems that guarantee the supply of the colour chosen by our client. We also offer the possibility of having the desired colour filled in a spray can.

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