Pintur S.A. products:

Decoration: paints, coatings, varnishes

In interior decoration we offer the widest variety of products, from the preparation of surfaces to even painting the newest and prettiest finishes.

We propose the most actual options in pain, mural coatings, wallpapers and in all the complementary decorative elements like moldings and cornices, stone panel, parquet, decorative finishes...

We also offer the appropriate preparations and finishes for metallic and wooden surfaces. Our product range includes from the surface restorer products to the impregnation finishes, varnishes and enamels in multiple colour options.

Architecture: façades, insulation and treating different pathologies

We offer the full system of thermic protections of SATE buildings, which lead to great energetic savings. We will do the technic prescription and the monitoring of the construction, while providing all the needed materials for its execution (a sheet, mortar, finishes...).

We supply all the products one would need for the façade's preparation and finish. First the technical report about the treatment to use, then the pathology of the surface: fungus-preventing schemes, saltpetre, corrosives, cracks and damps. You will receive the necessary guarantee, depending on the building's regulations.

In the same fashion, we can supply every product needed to protect from fire every element of the building. Starting with a technical study about the fire resistance of the metallic elements, in order to rule the required treatment to fulfil the administrative requirements.

Industry: paint, tools, machinery, employment protection and wardrobe

We have the products to prepare the metallic surfaces and paints for different finishes depending on the application systems, so as to get the desired performance. We also have products for the furniture industry: to dye the wood, sealer and finish depending on the desired result.

Fine arts materials

At Pintur S.A. you will find all sorts of materials for fine arts: oil paints, watercolours, acrylics, easels, frames, brushes, temperas, airbrushes, books. We also have a wide range of auxiliary products, school supplies and crafts.

Our specialized staff will guide you, at all times, about the materials you need depending on each technique

Sport facilities: paints and auxiliary products

Paint for swimming pools and products for the right treatment of water. We also offer paint for sport facilities: fronton, tennis courts and sports centres.

You can find the paints and varnishes needed for boat protection and any surface exposed to marine environment.

Public administration: road signs and conservation of municipal heritage

We have the paint and the required elements to make the municipal road signs.

We can diagnose the pathologies of the monuments, municipal constructions and the urban furniture. Later we can supply the products needed to treat each them accordingly.

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